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The New Paul F. Schellhammer Cancer Center is a urologic oncology center emphasizing innovative, cutting-edge cancer care. With a commitment to research, a partnership with the urology department at Eastern Virginia Medical School, and international collaboration, patients benefit from a unique approach to urologic cancer care.

The cancer center was dedicated in 2012 to Dr. Paul F. Schellhammer, senior partner at Urology of Virginia. Dr. Schellhammer has been a physician with the practice since 1974, and a faculty member of Eastern Virginia Medical School since 1978. He served as Chair of the EVMS Department of Urology from 1989-2000. Dr. Schellhammer serves on several editorial boards and is a trustee of the American Board of Urology. He has been president of the Society of Urologic Oncology, president of the Mid-Atlantic Section of the American Urological Association, a member of the Board of Directors of the American Urological Association, and was the 2007-08 president of the American Urological Association.

His contributions to, and publications in, the field of urologic oncology are vast in scope and international in reach. An expert in prostate cancer, he is often called upon to discuss current findings and treatment therapies. Working with George Wright, PhD, he forged a relationship to conduct cancer research in the microbiology laboratories at EVMS, thus creating the Virginia Prostate Center where lab-based research continues today.

Dr. Schellhammer, through sharing his own battle with prostate cancer, leaves a legacy of treating patients like friends and family. The Urology of Virginia cancer center physicians carry on this legacy with care and compassion.

Our physicians are dedicated to cancer research and innovative treatments, whether it is participating in the latest Pre-FDA approved clinical trials, or the newest minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery.

Lastly, our cancer center maintains an extensive database that tracks treatment outcomes both in terms of cancer control and post-treatment quality of life. The Schellhammer Cancer Center physicians utilize this database to look at trends and outcomes to continuously improve treatment quality and to participate in collaborative research to better understand GU cancer behavior.

Dr. Paul F. Schellhammer’s national and international presence has allowed our cancer center to be one of the best treatment centers in the country.

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