How to lose 10 pounds — Eat Live Be Well Nutrition

How to lose 10 pounds — Eat Live Be Well Nutrition

If you read my blog posts with any frequency, have met me, heard me speak, or even had a conversation about my profession, you know I have a lot of anecdotes.

I even had a past student come up to me in the grocery store once and say she remembered all the stories I told in class. This was someone who had taken my class more than five years prior. I wish I knew what else she remembered from the class.

Unlike some college classes, I am lucky to teach one that is relatable to everyone. Everyone eats.

I’ve worked as a dietitian for more than 20 years. I’ve had hundreds of clients and students. Maybe even in the thousands, I don’t keep track—Yea, thousands now that I think about it. And the one thing they ALL have in common? They need nutrients to survive. And 99.5% of them eat food. (I do have clients with permanent tube feedings – that is the other ½ percent.)

My point is that I have a LOT of stories that can help people to relate to nearly anything.

So, when I have a post like today – it isn’t as educational and informative but more of a thought-provoking question for consideration.

Weight Loss Isn’t All That I Do

So many people have come to me for weight loss. Of course, I have plenty who don’t come to me for weight loss. But people assume that the only reason to hire me is for weight loss. Not even close.

I help people manage their diabetes or reduce their risk of getting diabetes.

I help reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

I work with people who want to improve their fitness and are not fueling properly (running, cycling, or lowering their body fat percentage for example).

I have written a cookbook where the publisher included the phrase “weight loss” in the title. I wrote it, talk about it, and promote it as a cookbook (there are 85 recipes).

I help Head Start Programs comply with their regulations, and I teach classes on healthy eating and meal preparation to individuals transitioning from substance abuse to recovery and independent living.

I teach sports nutrition at the community college. And I help calculate tube feedings for patients who cannot eat long-term.

And I speak to groups on health and wellness.

This list isn’t to brag or show off. As a dietitian, it is to share that weight loss is NOT the only thing I do to help people. 

But when it does come to people wanting to lose weight – even that varies quite a bit

Weight Loss is PART of What I Do

People come to me to learn how to help and improve their health. I work with people on how food, nutrition, and behavior modification can do this and how it applies to their lives.

These things are never a one-size-fits-all approach. Ever.

I can have a framework for people. I can make a “blueprint,” – but it is never the same for everyone because we are all different.

And with weight loss, when that is their goal or what they want, we discuss this more.

The most magical number that comes up the most is TEN. The first ten pounds, the last ten pounds, the final ten pounds, another ten pounds.

The easiest and the hardest are ten pounds.

What is it about these ten pounds?

This question isn’t a judgment. It is an observation.

Often there is more than these ten pounds. I don’t recall when it was less – I’d like to lose 3-5 pounds? Nope - I haven’t heard that one. 

Someone wants to lose 30, 50, or 100 pounds. Let’s start with the first ten pounds.

In that case, those are the easiest ten for many.

The final ten? The most challenging.

It is because, despite not using the metric system, the increments of ten are just lovely and round. Perhaps.

Is it because that is a difference between being 163 vs. 153 pounds – subconsciously, it is a big difference? Would going from 161 to 159 be any different? Other than one is ten pounds, and the other is TWO pounds.

These ten pounds are a difference in clothing size in some cases: from size 10 to size 8. But I don’t trust those numbers. I can wear THREE different pant sizes in the same week, and the weight hasn’t changed. It is the brand of clothing, cut, style, and fit. 

Is it because ten years ago, they weighed ten pounds less? An average of ONE pound per year?

But I ask, what will be different when those ten pounds are gone? What exactly will be different in your life.

Do the TEN Pounds Need to Go? 

Perhaps yes, perhaps no. I discuss this further with my clients. Do they want to focus on their health? Eating habits? What specifically?

Having healthier habits first may have a side effect of weight loss. Or not.

Better health status – improved glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure – is even better. And in the process of getting this, weight loss may occur.

Finding a temporary fix to lose ten pounds only to return to propel habits once achieved is no way to go through life. At least it should not be.

I help them LIVE their lives and have improved health, wellness, and energy when working with people.

There are PLENTY of fads and gimmicks that will promote weight loss. Some are dangerous – some are ridiculous – and some are talked about by celebrities which THEIR life are way different from everyone else. Or at least most of us.

So, while we could theoretically lose weight – even that ten pounds – in a short time by doing something extreme or highly restrictive – why not LIVE and choose HEALTH FIRST. And in time, it is very likely the weight will follow.

If you would like to talk with me about working together on achieving your health and wellness goals (and even weight goals) let’s connect. And I can help you with those ten pounds. Just realize that I will have many questions for you to consider. And I don’t intend to shame but support YOUR actual needs and goals.

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