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Don’t Wait to See Symptoms, It Will Be Too Late

Despite normal PSA and DRE results, Charlie Hill was encouraged to seek out further prostate exams for signs of cancer, which is when his diagnosis was officially made. Dr. Schellhammer and Urology of Virginia have helped Charlie through his entire treatment, and help him continue to live a cancer-free life.

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Urology of Virginia on The Hampton Roads Show

Dr. Unnikrishnan Talks About Overcoming Prostate Cancer Testing

With a studio audience of acclaimed Urology of Virginia associates, Dr. Unnikrishnan encourages patients not only of proper age, but those who have a history of prostate cancer in their family, to ignore the negative connotation of screening and testing, and remember the importance of being preventative.

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Urology of Virginia on Coast Live

Don’t Take Early Testing and Screenings For Granted

Prostate cancer survivor Terrence Afer-Anderson sits down with Dr. Frances Martin to emphasize the importance of regular and early screenings, and to share his experience with Urology of Virginia during his successful prostate cancer treatment.

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Urology of Virginia receives top 20 company award by Inside business

Urology of Virginia Named One of the Top 20 Companies in Hampton Roads by Inside Business.

Urology of Virginia was chosen as one of Hampton Roads’ Top 20 Business at their event Thursday, November 2, 2017.

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Peace of Mind. Quality of Care. Our Commitment to You.

We are Urology of Virginia. Our team of caring, dedicated and experienced physicians is uncompromising. Attending to the diagnosis and treatment of all urological conditions, delivered with the highest quality of care, is our commitment to each of our patients. Over the years, this commitment has resulted in our practice becoming home to some of the most sought out physicians for urological care in the state. Each of our 6 facilities was designed with one thing in mind. You.

Ensuring comfort, the best outcome and the most effective treatments and therapies are our promises to our patients. Patients find reassurance in the level of active listening, warmth and concern given to them by our physicians. Further support comes from knowing that these same professionals are recognized, published and awarded nationally for their knowledge and skills.